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Stay instantly informed of trusted, neighborhood-level public safety and community information.  You choose the information you want, for the addresses you want, all delivered at no cost, by text message, email and web.  Your information is confidential and will only be used to inform you of emergencies and community information.

text your zip code to 888777 to opt-in or use the registration box here.  If you want camden county information, you must use a zip code from camden county.

if you are a camden county employee, please call our office for instructions on how to receive employee announcements.

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Help us find you.....

After a devastating tornado rolled through Moore, OK, firefighters were scrambling to pull people out of storm shelters.  Actually FINDING those shelters, thoughm was difficult.  Landmarks had been swept away and the town's emergency dispatcher was overwhelmed with calls.

"Yes, we're at 604 South Classen.  There's people down," one caller said.  "We're stuck under rubble....please hurry."

After a tornado leveled Moore, Okla., last year, firefighter Shonn Neidel (left) developed an app that helps first responders locate storm shelters under the wreckage.

Shonn Neidel was one of the firefighters rushing to rescue people that day, and he quickly saw a problem.

"we decided to just go out into the neighborhood and see if we could help anybody, " Neidel says.  The crews had addresses of homes, he says,"and that's all we ever thought we really needed."

But when they reached an affected neighborhood, it looked like a landfill, with hundreds of homes and all their contents, from mattresses to cars to insulation, blended together.  The street signs and house numbers were gone.

"That's when I really realized that we really didn't have a great system," Neidel says.

Because they didn't know where to dig, it took firefighters three days to check all the shelters to make sure no one was trapped.  Even for a fit firefighter, the endless digging was overwhelming.

~originally published on August 23, 2015 by Rachel Hubbard

.....By registering your shelter

If we have your GIS, we will be able to find you.  This information is confidential to the EMA and will be provided to first responders in time of emergency.


Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)

Emergencies don’t care where you are – they can happen when you’re at work, school, at home, or on vacation. The Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system was developed to help inform the public in a specific area of emergency situations that require them to take action quickly to avoid injury.
Camden County has access to WEA for very serious, life-threatening emergencies. Additionally, you may also receive notifications from Federal State Agencies, and neighboring local agencies.

The National Weather Service issues WEA messages for the following situations:

  • Tsunami Warning
  • Tornado Warning
  • Extreme Wind warning
  • Flash Flood Warning
  • Hurricane Warning
  • Typhoon Warning
  • Blizzard Warning
  • Ice Storm Warning
  • Dust Storm Warning
  • Child Abduction Emergencies (AMBER Alerts)*

* AMBER Alerts are issued by NWS on behalf of the Missouri Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Camden County may issue a WEA warning for:

  • Terrorist Activity
  • County wide Weather Emergencies
  • Evacuation Orders
  • Shelter-in-Place Emergencies
  • Other emergencies which require action to protect life

Your phone is likely already opted-in to receive WEA messages. If you’ve opted out, please make sure you opt-back in. These messages could save your life.