Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall

Opening Ceremony 9/10/2020

Hello, all!

We are so honored to help with the efforts to care for the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall! This is one of four traveling walls currently touring and came from Florida. The wall is escorted by Vietnam Veterans and volunteers Doc Russo and “Lucky” every single day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas! These men care for and ensure the delivery of the wall to locations all over and are proud to once again serve their country. Like the Wall in Washington D.C., this wall has all 58,283 names from the original carving. Since additional names can’t be added to the traveling wall, there are two blank panels at the beginning and end for those whose names should have been added later. It is a way to honor them and their sacrifice. Another extraordinary fact about this particular traveling wall is that it is the only one of the four traveling walls that is actually built to scale!

Spending just a few minutes with “Lucky” will net you several of his amazing “Little Wall Miracle” stories! One even includes a pair of friends who served together in Vietnam, then didn’t see each other again until they met at a panel on the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall while both looking for the same name of a brother who is memorialized there! Come to find out, they had lived within eight miles of each other for years! If you get a chance, stop by and talk to “Lucky”. Tell him Sam from the EMA sent you for some “Little Wall Miracle” stories!

Among the other vets you will meet will be the group running the Locator tent. At this tent, you can give the name of your relative, friend, or whomever you wish to find, and they will direct you to the appropriate panel number. The names are in alphabetical order by year on the wall, but it is far easier to ask one of these great gentlemen for the exact location.

Our first batch of photos are in order, panel by panel, but the second batch is a bit out of order. Hopefully, it won’t take away from your experience if you can’t go out to visit the wall yourself!

Here are the photos from a little over half of the wall.

Second batch:

At the end of the wall near the Locator tent, you will find information about the wall and these amazing art pieces:

Here is the Locator tent where family of those on the wall can receive a pin, proudly displaying their support:

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Brevard County, Florida

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