Sam’s Adventures in Leadership Camden County Part 4

Assistant Director Sam Henley is a member of the 26th class of Leadership Camden County! Director Ron Gentry nominated Sam so she could begin building a network here in Camden County and begin learning about our county through the eyes of the organizations, agencies, and businesses who serve our area!

The second group to present was the Law and Order Team! Once again, because of pandemic restrictions, the team had to postpone the tours and other location visits until a later date, but they still had some very impactful guest speakers!

Trish: Within the last few days, you have received a holiday box and were instructed to not open until our Zoom call today. Does everyone have their boxes?
So, we will take one gift at a time – however do not open anything until we tell you to do so. The theme to the holiday box is Leadership 2020 – Lessons Learned
At this time, open your box however do not open any other individually wrapped presents in the box. Once opened, place the official holiday hat on – be thankful we could not find bigger boxes because we had arranged for 23 one-of-a-kind ugly Christmas sweaters

The groups guest speakers included Carolyn Bowling from Medical Missions for Christ Clinic, Amy and Patty from Citizens Against Domestic Violence, and Crystal Lloyd, the Forensic Program Director from Lake Regional Health System’s Sexual Assault Response Team.

The Law and Order Team also had three of their classmates’ “More About Me in 2”: Beth, Jessica, and Dan!

Medical Missions for Christ (MM4C) started in 2006. It has since branched into two independent organizations; Medical Missions for Christ International which assists those overseas and Medical Missions for Christ Clinic, which has now gone regional right here at the Lake of the Ozarks! In the past, MM4C served low-income residents who were uninsured. They are changing in 2021 to assisting residents who are underinsured, i.e. Medicare A but can’t afford Medicare B, as well. They provide an array of services, including primary medical visits, a dental program, chiropractors, prescription counseling, and normally an optometrist; however, he retired and they are working on getting a new optometrist. Their service providers are all volunteer and they do all of their own fundraising/grants to cover expenses. For more information, you can call them at 573-346-7777 or visit their website!

CADV/VOC  established in 1984, is a non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention, shelter, advocacy, and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence. The highly committed Board of Directors, staff and volunteers provide the information, tools, resources and support that empower victims to make and sustain positive choices in their lives. These changes lead to the happiness and security of a life free from violence.

From the CADV website.

CADV has onsite and offsite services in Miller, Morgan, and Camden Counties, but they serve anyone who needs their help. They offer more than just shelter for victims. They will go to court with the victim, assist with safety planning (including making sure people have safe options to get away from abuser and what to do if something happens), and more. Outreach centers are located in Camdenton, Eldon, and Versailles. They can find victims help with electricity, rent assistance, food, etc. Their case load has doubled since COVID-19 hit because victims can’t come to shelters as readily. For donations, they have an Amazon wishlist and are included in Amazon Smile, have an account at Save-a-lot, and they need toiletries, home goods, cleaning supplies, and everything else you can think of that you use on a regular basis. For more information, you can visit their website!

For a sprinkle of fun since this meeting happened right before Christmas, the LCC Trainers presented gifts to be opened throughout the meeting to the class!!! Trish started everyone out with a Christmas hat with elf ears!

Trish: This year, through the ups and downs, we have learned to be flexible.
Open Present #1
This year, there was no one perfect way to remedy the problem, no easy path toward recovery. As a leader, continuously monitoring, adjusting, and even reformulating a plan as new information emerged. You were ready, flexible and willing to pivot and, in most cases, prepared for the inevitable “up and down” setbacks.

1 Theme: Ups and Downs and Flexibility

Gift: Yoyo and Rubber Band

Trish: Measure what really matters
Open Present #2
In 2020, we strived to keep business as usual however, temporary measures were implemented to ensure focus on priorities as we weathered the virus. This was seen both professionally and personally. Many worked on projects that never had time to work on or spent more time with family as we worked remotely.

2 Theme: Measure What Really Matters

Gift: Ruler

Trish: Write it down in pencil not pen
Open Present #3
For all of us, this year is ending differently than how we started the year. So much changed – goals, dreams, and lives. We wrote it down in our minds and on paper and erased it many times this year. Remember to it is ok to just erase, sharpen the pencil and keep writing.

3 Theme: Write it Down in Pencil, Not Pen

Gift: Notepad and Christmas Pencil

Trish: Unplug – it was necessary
Open Present #4
We all worked hard in this uncertain environment, but we learned that we needed to unplug more than just the computer. We needed to take time for ourselves and have some fun.

4 Theme: Unplug

Gift: Hershey Bar and a Free Skate Session at Old Kinderhook The Ice

Trish: Reboot and Highlight the Positive
Open Present #5
Napoleon once said “A leader is a dealer in hope.” So, in 2021, let’s restart and foster a climate of positivity that becomes contagious in Camden County…we might need some extra caffeine to do so enjoy some java at Higher Grounds.
And that is your Leadership 2020 – Lessons Learned

5 Theme: Reboot and Highlight

Gift: $5 Gift Certificate to Higher Grounds Coffee Shop and a yellow highlighter

Lake Regional has an established Sexual Assault Response Team, which includes trained nurses, lawyers, a crime lab, and members of law enforcement who work to find and help victims and prosecute their abusers. It was formed via the Department of Justice and is a 501c3. The members of the SART are trained to treat victims of sexual assault in a sensitive, dignified manner. They use cutting edge response techniques to promote social change, prosecute offenders, and provide compassionate, competent care to victims of assault. They take photos to provide to victims/prosecutors to move forward with prosecution and provide head to toe exams. They record excited utterances, as victims feel more comfortable giving nurses information they wouldn’t feel comfortable giving police officers or other symbols of authority. The nurses are trained to look for injuries and signs of abuse where others can’t or don’t know to look. A member of the LCC class asked about signs the general public can look out for and was informed they should look for bruises, inappropriate clothing for weather or hiding bruises, watch the person’s demeanor (if they are withdrawn and afraid to make eye contact beyond just being shy), and a victim is always afraid to disappoint abuser. Here is a news article including the SART and CADV from 2015.

More About Me in 2

Beth-From St. Louis, transplanted here to the Lake of the Ozarks. They are a huge Soccer family and there was really no soccer organization down here when they moved. Beth loved to collect rocks at the creek with her brother Bill, her sister Amy, and her oldest brother Mike. They loved making her a rock bridge across creek because she was too small to hop over. One time, Beth was looking at the bottom of a rock Mike hoisted for the bridge, he didn’t see her and he dropped the rock on Beth’s head! Beth is fine and now helps college students find things they like to do and might want to pursue for a career!

Jessica-Has a business degree and entered the insurance field. She has two young children and is currently working from home. She loves sugar cookies she can decorate with the kids!

Dan-grew up everywhere, as first his dad and then he was in military. His family arrived at lake in 2005, just before the incredible transformation and growth of the area beginning in 2006. He says they were at the forefront of the tiny house movement, as they lived in a 300 square foot house while building their permanent house. He joined a classic car club at the lake, support LCTC scholarship each year!

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