EMA Update-1/27/21


Greetings, everyone!

Sam here!

We have had AMAZING feedback on our efforts to bring you information regarding our efforts for the pandemic and the vaccinations, so we’re going to keep on our path of transparency for you!

First, the easy stuff: We currently have 67 cases or 134,000 paper masks remaining. We encourage businesses/organizations/individuals to come to us, rather than the health department, to get some FREE masks. The purchase of these masks was completely funded by the CARES Act. The masks come 50/box or 2000/case. Individuals can request a box or two, while organizations or businesses can request by the case if needed. We also still have plenty of hand sanitizer. This can go out in 5 gallon jugs which we have or you can bring your own containers to fill. This hand sanitizer was provided to our county by FEMA and is also FREE.

Okay, now the harder stuff.

Let me start off by heaping some praise on some local people, organizations, and businesses who absolutely deserve to be recognized. Since last Friday, the staff of the EMA has been boots on the ground with Lake Regional Hospital Service (LRHS) and working hand-in-hand with the Camden County Health Department (CCHD) to bring a vital resource to Camden County and all of Region F. We are working with SEMA and the Missouri National Guard (MoNG) to bring a Mass Vaccination Event to our county. This MVE will bring an additional 2400 vaccinations to the county/region per event. The absolute enormity of the logistics of this task would boggle most minds. Our partners at LRHS, the CCHD, Chief Davis of the OBPD, county officials, and even officials from Morgan and Miller Counties are aiding in this monumental event.

(MoNG aside) I also want to thank Pizza Hut in Osage Beach (next to Church at Osage Hills) and in Camdenton (who delivered to Community Christian Church) because they have BOTH provided lunch for the volunteers, nurses, and first responders who are assisting with LRHS’s Vaccination Events, (which can serve about 240 vaccinations per event). Both churches have been absolutely amazing for hosting the LRHS Vaccination Events, as well! It has been a heartwarming community effort!

Okay, second order of business: The MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do is GET ON THE LRHS VACCINATION SIGNUP LIST!

The reason we ask you to get on the list is because it will sort you by which phase/tier you should be in, get you in line for an appointment, and help to cut down on duplication of effort.

This is an extremely difficult time and task for those involved in the planning and execution of such a large-scale event (with the National Guard), but with your help, we can do it!

Thank you to all of the residents and visitors of Camden County for your support! We appreciate you!

Published by camdensam

I became the Director of Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency (EMA) in August 2021 after previously serving as the agency's Deputy Director for a year. As the Director, I manage the day-to-day operations of the EMA, work on the Local Emergency Operations Plan, manage the Facebook, Twitter, and website for the EMA, oversee the webpages for the Camden County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), provide oversight and run exercises for the Camden County, MO Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and work with the Camden County, MO Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). I hold a general class amateur radio license, call sign KE0LMY. I am also the official "Bee Keeper" of our mascot, Buzzer the Bee, who wants you to BEE Prepared!!! I'm a certified CERT trainer and WebEOC trainer for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency. I maintain an EXTENSIVE and ever-growing list of credentials and train vigorously with first responder agencies, other EMAs, and with anyone I believe will help me become a better, more well-rounded emergency management director.

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