Answers to Your FAQs About the Postponement

Greetings, all!

Sam here!

Our office has been fielding NUMEROUS calls with essentially the same questions, so we worked with the Camden County Health Department and Lake Regional Health System to bring you some answers!

Other counties who have snow and bad weather are not postponing their events, why are you?

The forecasted extreme cold temps are what makes this weekend different from other events. Sunday is forecasted for high of 4 degrees (and a low of -2 the night before). That’s not safe, especially for the mostly senior population this event is meant to serve.

You shouldn’t have cancelled or postponed the event, so who made this decision? 

This decision was made collectively by the multiple agencies involved, including health care providers, public health, fire and law enforcement officials.

I don’t want to wait three weeks to get the vaccine so what choices do I have?

We are working to administer vaccine to everyone on the list sooner than 3/7. Our goal is to reschedule the entire list by end of business Friday. If you have not heard from Lake Regional by then, (we will have about 100 stragglers after we exhaust doses on hand) expect a call next week.

If our appointment is rescheduled, will be given the vaccine ahead of others who were going to get theirs then?

We are rescheduling everyone in the date order they signed up. (We are sticking to the list.)

What is the number I can call for information and to lodge a complaint?

The Camden County EMA is part of the group of agencies providing this service, therefore we’ve heard your concerns and will share with the group. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but we are working diligently to deliver vaccine to you as safely as possible, as soon as possible.


Further explanation on how the people with appointments from the mass vax event are being rescheduled: LRHS is contacting everyone who was scheduled for the mass vaccination event to reschedule them, not just to the March 7th date, but to their smaller events taking place in the lake area throughout the next couple of weeks. The 2000 doses of vaccine we received from the Missouri stockpile for the event are being redistributed to Morgan County’s event next week and another event the National Guard is attending in the northern part of our region. You can get on as many waiting lists as you want. Vaccinations are not dependent on which county you live in; just that you are a Missouri resident. Along with county, hospital, health departments, and pharmacy lists, you are encouraged to get on the overall Missouri list at because they will email you when ANY opening is available in your vicinity (not restricted by county lines).

The Camden County EMA hosts a Weekly COVID-19 Conference Call. After the call on Thursday, the call log is posted on our COVID-19 page. Please feel free to read the information located there as well!

As we receive more FAQs (and answers!), we will add them to this blog post!

Thank you all for your support!

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