We are currently working with Nixle in regards to numerous reports that Camden County residents who have signed up for emergency alerts in Camden County are receiving alerts for Miller County instead.

In the meantime, in order to ensure you are receiving Camden County alerts (especially with tonight’s weather forecast), please text 65020 to 888777!

We will keep you updated as we receive more information from Nixle.
Thank you.


Hello Sam,

Thanks for talking!  After checking each of the nine zip codes you provided, I found four of them to be overlapping with Miller County and Camden County alerts.  I have my Nixle team investigating why that might be.  In the meantime, please have the citizens either use the Camden zip code OR use the Knowledge Base Article below to see how to log in and uncheck the Miller county alerts.

As soon as I have any update from our Nixle team, I will follow up and let you know (by phone and email).

Thank You,

Francesca Winship

Everbridge Technical Support

Update 2

Hello Sam,

Thank you so much for sending the screenshot!  The Nixle team has confirmed with me that the reason the Citizens are getting multiple notifications for Miller County and Camden County is because the alerts are being rebroadcasted from the National Weather Service. 

Attached is a screenshot of the most recent Alert on the list you screenshotted to me from Dec. 10th.  If you take a look under the “Sent To:” section and see where it says “Location:”, you will see a Weather area publication polygon that the National Weather Service configured.  Because the Polygon they configured includes both Miller County and Camden County, the alert is automatically sent out to all citizens in both County’s.  Please let me know if this makes sense, I am happy to give you a call and explain over the phone as well if needed.  Unfortunately when rebroadcasting an Alert from the National Weather Service, you will be unable to change the area that it gets set out to because they have already selected the area that will be effected by the storm.

Thank You,

Francesca Winship

Everbridge Technical Support


That seems reasonable, except these people are reporting they are NOT receiving Camden County alerts, ONLY Miller County.

Final Update:

Hello Sam,

I confirmed with my team and all the nine correct zip codes are associated with your account.  Unfortunately, I’m being told the citizens who are not receiving the Camden County Alerts have the option log into there account online and follow the steps in the previous article I sent.  I know that wasn’t the best choice when we spoke over the phone.  Another option would be to create another Group within your agency that is specifically for weather alerts and create a keyword.  That would minimize using zip codes to subscribe to the alerts, and anyone who typed in the keyword would be subscribed to the Alerts.

Thank You,

Francesca Winship

Everbridge Technical Support


We will use the above work-around (text 65020 to 888777 for Camden County alerts) for now, however, we are already pursuing another option for mass notification alerts to help protect our residents and visitors.

Camden County Zip Code List submitted to Nixle:

  • 65020 (Camdenton)
  • 65324 (Climax Springs)
  • 65049 (Lake Ozark)
  • 65052 (Linn Creek)
  • 65786 (Macks Creek)
  • 65591 (Montreal)
  • 65065 (Osage Beach)
  • 65787 (Roach)
  • 65079 (Sunrise Beach)

Published by camdensam

I became the Director of Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency (EMA) in August 2021 after previously serving as the agency's Deputy Director for a year. As the Director, I manage the day-to-day operations of the EMA, work on the Local Emergency Operations Plan, manage the Facebook, Twitter, and website for the EMA, oversee the webpages for the Camden County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), provide oversight and run exercises for the Camden County, MO Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and work with the Camden County, MO Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). I hold a general class amateur radio license, call sign KE0LMY. I am also the official "Bee Keeper" of our mascot, Buzzer the Bee, who wants you to BEE Prepared!!! I'm a certified CERT trainer and WebEOC trainer for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency. I maintain an EXTENSIVE and ever-growing list of credentials and train vigorously with first responder agencies, other EMAs, and with anyone I believe will help me become a better, more well-rounded emergency management director.

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