Roads Washed Out in May 2022 (includes Wilbus Drive updates)

*Update 8/10/2022 for Wilbus Drive-Per Camden County Road & Bridge, we are now waiting for the water lines to be tested. If the water lines are sound, core drilling to determine the next steps must be completed. There is no current timeline. We continue to ask that only residential and emergency vehicle traffic use the road until final repairs can be made. Thank you for your patience!

*Update 7/7/2022-Camden County Road & Bridge has completed the bypass road at Wilbus Drive. See additional notes below. Updated photos coming soon.

I spoke with Camden County Road & Bridge North Shed Supervisor Andy Bayerl a couple of days ago in regards to Wilbus Drive and here is the gist of the conversation:

-Temporary one-lane road can support emergency vehicles, the residents still seem to be using the permanent road.

-Residents can use the temporary road, but because of the gravel and slope, they will need to use a four-wheel drive vehicle.

-Whether the bypass will be permanent depends on the engineers, core samples, and property owner (and/or developer).

*Update 5/23/2022-Camden County Road & Bridge has set up barricades on both sides of the collapsed slab on Freedom Ridge. PLEASE stay out of the area. See photos below.

*Update 5/19/2022-Camden County Road & Bridge began building the temporary bypass road for the residents who live lakeside on Wilbus Drive. Weather permitting, it may take two weeks to complete. We ask that anyone who does not live or work on the road (and is not a first responder) PLEASE stay out of the area. It remains unstable and R&B is working toward a solution/repair plan with the landowners in regards to the hillside above the county road.

*Update 5/12/2022-With estimates of around $500,000 in damage to infrastructure so far, Camden County has exceeded its threshold for any potential disaster declarations, however, if the State of Missouri does not reach its threshold of over $10 million per event, there is little chance we will have a disaster declaration. We are still working to further assess the damages, as our partners are doing across many counties in Southern Missouri.

Update, 5/8/2022-Baptist Street CLOSED due to total collapse of the slab. The road has been blocked off by Camden County Road and Bridge. Please do not try to drive on the collapsed road.

Good morning, all!

Sam here!

We began receiving reports of roads washed out throughout the county early this morning.

Camden County Road & Bridge has nearly every one of their people out doing damage assessment and blocking off impassable roads.


We will be keeping track of the most severely-damaged roads here. The names with asterisks have been reopened.

Pictures to follow.

Fairview Road

Baptist Street

Camden Line Road

Jack Burch Crossing*

Whistle Bridge

Rise Branch Road

12 Corners, Deans Creek

Anderson Hollow

Fiery Fork

Dodd’s Camp

Post Office Road

Knight Road

5/6/22 updates

Whistle Bridge

Keepsake Road (between Highway T & Marshall Road)

Rogers Road (near Stoutland Creek Road)

North Davis Street

Stoutland Creek Road

Snellings Road

5/10/22 Updates

Dry Hollow


Spencer Creek


Mill Creek

Carroll Cave

Stoutland Creek

Point Happy

Hazel Valley

Wilbus Drive

High Point Road

5/11/22 Update

Baptist Street

Wilbus Drive

As previously reported, there is an active landslide occurring on Wilbus Dr. in Sunrise Beach. The area in question is outside of Sunrise Beach City limits and falls under Camden County’s jurisdiction.

Our Chief Officers met with representatives from Camden County Road and Bridge, Camden County Emergency Management, the development owner, one of the residents of the area and an engineer brought in by Camden County.

Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District deployed our drone and provided aerial photography to the Camden County Emergency Management Agency for additional documentation.

At this time, the landslide is still considered active and will require remediation to correct the issue. In these situations, there will be a period of investigation to determine the size and scope of the work required by engineers and geo-technicians.

The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District will continue to monitor the situation and remain in contact with Camden County Emergency Management regarding updates and further action. Any questions regarding remediation plans should be directed to the EMA Director, Samantha Henley at Camden County Emergency Management, 573-836-0178.

Road and Bridge is exploring options to provide a secondary access to the area for the residents affected that will also accommodate emergency vehicles. Until that time, we have adjusted our responses accordingly in the event we are called to the area.

We are urging that anyone not needing to be in the area stay away.

Joseph LaPlant, Sunrise Beach Fire Chief

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