My First 90 Days

Where to begin?! Let me start by saying I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I applied for the Deputy Director of the Emergency Management Agency position. With a few months now behind me, I’m able to understand and feel more prepared to excel in my position as Deputy Director, But holy cow, it’s a never-ending learning process followed by more learning. This position requires dedication, integrity, and self-motivation. There are times when it’s overwhelming and stressful but also rewarding. There are times when it’s just a really cool job, like working alongside our law enforcement, firefighters, and local officials while building partnerships that better improve our communications and our state of readiness. When I applied for this position I was unsure if I wanted to be working in this field again, but now there’s no doubt! Camden County had chosen the right person.

Wow!! Winter has finally taken its vacation and Spring has sprung. The past few weeks have been a challenge with landslides, road closures, and other weather-related incidents. Thankfully, Camden County Road and Bridge was on scene. These crews work hard and they do it in all types of weather so please if you see them out working SLOW DOWN! Also remember, when there’s water on the road “Turn around; Don’t drown”!!

With peak season in full effect, the lake area will see an influx of residents, visitors, and guests. It’s helpful to have a plan. Being prepared is always a good thing. Know what to do if you hear a storm siren and if you haven’t done so yet, please check out our new mass notification system, Hyper-Reach.

Published by camdencountydemd

I became the Deputy Director of Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency on February 21, 2022! So far, I have been through an Emergency Operations Center activation, a deployment with the Camden County, MO Community Emergency Response Team for the 2022 Polar Plunge in Osage Beach, MO, and I am working on attaining my FEMA certifications. I have served in the U.S. Army as a Military Police Officer and I have training as a Paramedic. I look forward to serving the residents and visitors of Camden County, MO.

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