Camden County, MO Community Emergency Response Team

Though the Camden County, MO Community Emergency Response Team (CC MO CERT) has its own website, we wanted to put a little bit about them here on our site on their own page!

About CERT

CERT’s Mission

“Doing the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number”

The Community Emergency Response Team Motto rings through every chapter of the organization. Here in Camden County, the volunteers take these words to heart when they set out to fulfill their mission.

Goal One

Their first goal in any situation is to ensure the safety of their members.  Through the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training in small fire suppression, medical triage, and search and rescue, they strive to make sure each volunteer with the group conducts themselves in a manner that will keep them safe as they complete the jobs or tasks for which they are needed.

Goal Three

Their final goal is to assist with events. They often serve as traffic control for events such as the Bridge and Dam Marathon, Magic Dragon Car Show, Lake Expo, Dogwood Festival, and more. Often they do additional things like providing support in the form of driving courtesy carts, assisting with parking, serving refreshments, and anything else they are asked to do.

What They Do

The CERT group is called to help with debris removal after severe storms (including small tornadoes), provide traffic control and support for numerous events during the summer season, and fulfill training requirements to keep us aware and safe using the federally adopted National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Goal Two

Their next goal is to provide support to the first responders. They ARE NOT first responders. They wait to be activated by the Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency after we have received a request directly from one of our partner agencies, including fire departments, police departments, other government agencies, and more. After the CERT group is called in, they will have a briefing (this may be abbreviated or extensive, depending on the situation) and then be assigned to smaller teams with specific instructions and/or goals.

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