Helping Each Other Part Two – The Delivery

For the FIRST part of this feel-good story, visit the Warsaw Fire Protection District blog here! Greetings, all! Sam here! Continuing with the story of the efforts of one fire district helping another, let me tell you about the delivery of the items sent from the Warsaw Fire Protection District to help Northwest Fire ProtectionContinue reading “Helping Each Other Part Two – The Delivery”

EMA Moves Forward with Partnership Growth for ARES and CERT!

Greetings, all! Sam here! Building strong partnerships during “blue sky” times is the bedrock of a good emergency management program. This means we learn to work and train together with our partners BEFORE a large-scale emergency happens so they know our resources, capabilities, and responses and they count on us to be there for themContinue reading “EMA Moves Forward with Partnership Growth for ARES and CERT!”

4th of July Celebration Safety

Independence Day is here once again and we all know what that means! Fireworks, fireworks, and yes, more fireworks!!!! For most of us we just love the brilliant colors, the thundering sounds and the community comes together to celebrate our independence. Maybe we even set off a few our own. But before you do IContinue reading “4th of July Celebration Safety”

An Update from the Director

Good afternoon, all! Sam here! As is par for the course, it has been a very busy time for the EMA! Since my last update, the following items have been started, worked on, or completed: -Adjusted Hyper-Reach to only broadcast 10 types of warnings for Camden County due to resident and visitor demand. Hyper-Reach noContinue reading “An Update from the Director”

Roads Washed Out in May 2022 (includes Wilbus Drive updates)

*Update 8/10/2022 for Wilbus Drive-Per Camden County Road & Bridge, we are now waiting for the water lines to be tested. If the water lines are sound, core drilling to determine the next steps must be completed. There is no current timeline. We continue to ask that only residential and emergency vehicle traffic use theContinue reading “Roads Washed Out in May 2022 (includes Wilbus Drive updates)”

Deputy Director Completes G288 Local Volunteer and Donations Management

EMA Deputy Director Ricky Bumarch here, I would like to take a few moments to let everyone share in my recent training experience. From the moment I arrived at Camp Mihaska the training staff and fellow Emergency Management colleagues were more than welcoming. Camp Mihaska made for a beautiful educational experience with post-course learning activitiesContinue reading “Deputy Director Completes G288 Local Volunteer and Donations Management”