Partnerships at Work!

Greetings, all! Our renewed partnerships are already hard at work! On Tuesday, January 4, EMD Sam Henley attended a meeting at the Sunrise Beach Co-Mo Electric Cooperative office with Jason Culp, Co-Mo’s Environment, Health, and Safety Manager. Jason reached out to our office with concerns about protecting the employees and, potentially, customers at their locationsContinue reading “Partnerships at Work!”

LEPC Tabletop Exercise After-Action Report

On November 5, 2021, following the final Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting of the year, the Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency in cooperation with the Clark County Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Prep Solutions, ran a tabletop exercise for members of the LEPC and other stakeholders and interested parties from our county. AllContinue reading “LEPC Tabletop Exercise After-Action Report”

Backup EOC Locations Locked in!

As part of our ongoing updates to the Local Emergency Operations Plan, the Camden County, MO Emergency Management Agency now has TWO Backup Emergency Operations Center locations locked in! What is an Emergency Operations Center, you ask? The emergency operations center is a physical or virtual location from which coordination and support of incident managementContinue reading “Backup EOC Locations Locked in!”

Director Attends G-271V Course on Hazardous Weather & Flooding Preparedness

In our ongoing effort to increase situational awareness, Camden County’s EMD Sam Henley is attending the G-271V Course on Hazardous Weather & Flooding Preparedness. This course provides training for local and state emergency managers who respond to hazardous weather events, while promoting partnership and coordination between the National Weather Service (NWS) and emergency managers. TheContinue reading “Director Attends G-271V Course on Hazardous Weather & Flooding Preparedness”

An Update from the Director

Greetings, all! Sam here! We’re working hard to fill the position of Deputy Director! We’ve completed the first round of interviews and we’re moving certain individuals forward to the second stage of the process. It will take a week or two to complete the next stage and then we hope to give our new DeputyContinue reading “An Update from the Director”

An Update from the Director!

Greetings, all! Sam here! Another whirlwind week is coming to an end (okay, not really) and I wanted to update you all on the work we have accomplished this week! On Monday, we met with a church group who was interested in becoming an emergency shelter in case of a large scale emergency. They haveContinue reading “An Update from the Director!”

An Update from the Director!

Greetings, all! Sam here! Since my appointment as Director of the EMA on August 2, 2021, I have hit the ground running! My first week looked like this: Meeting in Moberly with a fellow Emergency Management Director (EMD), CPR/AED/First Aid training with the Camden County Health Department (THANK YOU, KATIE!), Background check information for myselfContinue reading “An Update from the Director!”

Deputy Director Appointed as New Director of EMA!

A message from Director Rod Sederwall: I have spent the last 7 months as the Director of Camden County EMA. It has truly opened my eyes to a new world of First Responders. Not in the immediate response to the scene as I have done for the last 41 years but as one who getsContinue reading “Deputy Director Appointed as New Director of EMA!”