Camden County EMD, Assistant EMD, and SEMA Coordinator Begin LEOP Review Process

Hello, all! Today, Ron and I embarked on what could be the most important job for which the EMA is responsible: Reviewing and updating the Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP). We were fortunate that our coordinator from Missouri State Emergency Management Agency Region F, Brenda Gerlach, could take the time amidst her duties during theContinue reading “Camden County EMD, Assistant EMD, and SEMA Coordinator Begin LEOP Review Process”

Nailing Down Camden County, MO’s Emergency Management Program

Inspired by an article in the National Association of Counties’ June 24, 2019 issue entitled Nailing Down Your Emergency Management Program, we wanted to take some time to answer the questions posed. We are taking this opportunity to interview Emergency Management Director Ron Gentry to gain insight into his perspective. Questions for disaster preparedness assessmentContinue reading “Nailing Down Camden County, MO’s Emergency Management Program”

Another Day in Paradise!

Hello all, Sam here! Today, Ron and I attended the Lake Area Emergency Services Association, Inc. meeting. Among the topics, there was great discussion about communications issues around the lake area and how first responders would like to move forward with efforts to find a solution rather than a workaround (or “bandaid”) for the situation.Continue reading “Another Day in Paradise!”

RHSOC Purchases New Deployable Resource Housed in Camden County EMA

Hello, all! It’s not only busy at the EMA today, it’s a great day for our county and the entire state! First, here is a little bit of information about the Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee (RHSOC) from the Missouri Department of Public Safety website: Missouri’s “regionalization of homeland security” plan is focused on establishingContinue reading “RHSOC Purchases New Deployable Resource Housed in Camden County EMA”

Buzzer’s Tour of Camden County

Hope you all had a GREAT Labor Day weekend! Sam and Buzzer were busy bees, beginning Buzzer’s Tour of Camden County, MO! This new project for them will take them to all corners of our great county and let them meet many great members of our first responder services, government agencies, businesses, organizations, residents, andContinue reading “Buzzer’s Tour of Camden County”