Invitation to Bid

Below you will find any Invitations to Bid currently out that we are aware of for Camden County.

Open Bids

Currently, there are no open bids for the EMA.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about our bids. Here are a few of them and their answers!

Q: Do you need a sample?

A: Unless requested in the bid specifically, then NO.

Q: Do you want all of the copies of the bid in one envelope?


Q: Do you need just the amount of materials requested in the invitation? i.e. Can we offer more?

A: Each time we need materials, we will open another invitation to bid. We are only asking for the amount specified in the bid at the moment.

Q: Can we offer a better alternative?


Closed Bids

Awarded to company who submitted a bid of $.14/mask.

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