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What does LEPC stand for? What does an LEPC do? Can I attend meetings as a regular, unaffiliated citizen of Camden County? What training do you offer?

Do you ever wonder who helps to keep the general public informed of hazardous materials (Haz-Mat) in our county? Do you wonder who helps to bring vital Haz-Mat training to the first responders and businesses in our county? Do you often see Haz-Mat placards and wonder what they mean and who can tell you?

Great news! You have just questioned A LOT of the things a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is/can do!

Under EPCRA, each state is required to maintain a State Emergency Response Commission, which in turn established Local Emergency Planning Committees, or LEPCs.

Missouri Emergency Response Commission


  • develop and maintain an Emergency Response Plan for chemical emergencies
  • receive emergency release and chemical inventory information submitted by local facilities
  • establish and publicize procedures for the public to receive chemical hazard information
  • serve as a focal point in the community for information and discussions about hazardous chemical planning, health, and environmental risks.
  • educate the public concerning chemical risks
  • work with facilities to minimize chemical risks to the community
  • arrange training and exercises for first responders for Haz-Mat scenarios

Can members of the public attend meetings?

ABSOLUTELY! We feel that you have just as much at stake as first responders do if a Haz-Mat incident occurs!

What training do you offer?

LEPCs do not offer training directly. We facilitate training via various sources such as the State Emergency Management Agency, State Fire Marshall, various colleges, etc.

Where does the LEPC get the funding for operations and training?

We have two primary resources for funding the LEPC. The first is the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant and the second is the Chemical Emergency Preparedness Funds.

We would like to thank the MERC for the resources and assistance in our quest to set us an easily accessible, public page to inform people about LEPCs! Click here to visit their webpage!

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