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Next meeting: Visit L.A.S.S.’s NEW WEBSITE for updated meeting dates/times! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Visitors welcome!

L.A.S.S is led by Eric Hoover, who can be contacted at hoovertransport2012@gmail.com

NWS Springfield Feed

NWS Kansas City/Pleasant Hill Feed

News Article about L.A.S.S.

Training Opportunities

How to become a SKYWARN storm spotter!

L.A.S.S. also has a Facebook page which is updated each day with the weather from the NWS Springfield office and graphics for each season’s severe weather.

From the L.A.S.S. Facebook Group:

Welcome to LASS (Lake Area Storm Spotters).

Our main focus is Camden County but this group is for anyone in the state of Missouri. LASS is a group where anyone regardless of their experience level can post anything about the weather and learn about the weather. We have members ranging from Meteorologists to someone just wanting to know what’s going on with the weather in your area. We have a Storm Team division that goes out during severe weather and watches and reports what we see to the NWS, Camden County EMA office, and LASS members. We currently have 7 active spotters and 3 reserve spotters. Several of the spotters are also ham operators. This group is designed to keep members informed and aware of severe weather that’s happening around the lake and beyond. Feel free to post or share anything weather-related anytime. We are always looking for new Storm Team members all training will be provided at no cost to you! Please feel free to contact Eric Hoover with any questions on how to become a Storm Team member.

Feel free to add any and all of your friends and feel free to share LASS with anyone on your friends’ list.

Here are some of the members:

  • Eric 00
  • Rusty Lead 1
  • Bruce Lead 2
  • Dan 01
  • Jennie 03
  • Ann 05
  • JW 06

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