Learning the Ropes: Following Our New EMD Part 4

Hello, everyone! Sam here! Rod continues to learn the tremendous number of intricacies in our job in emergency management at a pace and under pressure most people could not handle. “Trial by fire,” he says, shrugging, after handling yet another phone call from an irate individual who did not understand what an EMA does. SinceContinue reading “Learning the Ropes: Following Our New EMD Part 4”

Answers to Your FAQs About the Postponement

Greetings, all! Sam here! Our office has been fielding NUMEROUS calls with essentially the same questions, so we worked with the Camden County Health Department and Lake Regional Health System to bring you some answers! Other counties who have snow and bad weather are not postponing their events, why are you? The forecasted extreme coldContinue reading “Answers to Your FAQs About the Postponement”


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